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Mon 08/04/2014

I find all my recent complaints still hold true. That is, I want to write here but it seems like such a chore. Again, curses upon you, NaBloPoMo. Anyway. Six(ish) months have passed. Audrey turned 2. She just had her well child check up on August 1 because our stupid family medicine provider seems to need five weeks advance notice for an appointment. And once you get off the schedule at all, you're screwed. I won't even be 'allowed' to make an appointment until next August 1. But hey. I didn't come here to bitch about the doctor. I came to bitch about other things. Oh, wait. That'll be the NEXT blog entry.

So. Audrey, 2. Somewhere around 22 months I was thinking, gosh, she doesn't say much. You know how I always find things to worry about, and this was it. She clearly understood everything so I mostly thought she was just a stubborn little diva and wasn't all that worried about it, but she has a little friend in the neighborhood who's younger and a boy and HE was talking, so... And then the floodgates opened and she started spitting out sentences. It was amazing.

Patrick thought so too. He would sit there and quiz her. "Say Mommy, Audrey. Say Daddy. Say Patrick." And she would sit with him, grinning, and repeat all the words. Until he got to, "Say dinosaur, Audrey." And she said, "RAWR!" It was too cute.

This summer has been busy. In May we went to Disney World again. It had only been a year and half (or slightly less) since we went for Patrick's (and Audrey's but I'm not sure if I count it since she for sure won't remember) first time, but we wanted to go while we weren't constrained by school calendars and also while Audrey still got a free flight. Audrey and Patrick like watching Tangled, so I bought Audrey a Rapunzel dress and got a FassPass to go meet her (and Cinderella). Audrey, as befitting her diva status, decided she really did NOT want to meet any princess who might think she was more important. So that was a fail. But all in all it was fun and Patrick now LOVES roller coasters. Coincidentally, I no longer do. Ha.

In June, the kids and I took a road trip to Vermont with Anne and Will. Two adults. Three kids. Three carseats. One car. ENDLESS HIGHWAY. I had never been to Vermont. There are a lot of cows. Patrick had never been on a road trip before but since he is a privileged child of the 21st century, he had his own DVD player as well as a Kindle and he did pretty well. Audrey, on the other hand, decided that three hours was as long as she wanted to spend in her carseat before she needed a break. It was ... fun.

I guess I will devote another entry to Vermont and the rest of summer because, oh look, it's already a day later and I'm no closer to finishing this.

Posted by Molly at 6:32 PM EDT
Updated: Tue 08/05/2014 9:50 AM EDT
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