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Thu 08/14/2014
Audrey Likes Cole Slaw. And Greek Salad.

So I totally hijacked Audrey's two-year post to do a "What I Did On Summer Vacation" and I didn't even finish that, but I have been writing blog entries in my head at night to add to her update.

There is a restaurant in Durham, I have no idea if I've ever mentioned it here, Parker & Otis. They make amazing almond lattes. (Audrey always asks for a sip of my coffee. And won't give it back.) They also make really good pimiento cheese but that's neither here nor there. If you order a sandwich, it comes with a little bowl of cole slaw. It is really good. It has purple cabbage and no relish and it's not very heavy on the mayo. Audrey, some months ago, asked for a bite. I said, "Audrey, you can have a bite, but you probably won't like it." She took a bite. And then she wanted the rest. She still eats my cole slaw when we go there. Even if she has her own food. (I am pleased that she likes it -- though not that she takes mine -- but I am under no illusions. Two -year-old Patrick would eat labneh and tabbouleh. Five-year-old Patrick likes ... noodles and white cheese. And chicken nuggets, and happy meals with plain cheeseburgers. (Audrey likes the chicken nugget happy meals, and recently ate all her nuggets and all of Patrick's at Chick Fil A which I certainly can't blame her for, because those are so much better than McDonalds.))

Along those same lines, Audrey, despite having her own meal, wanted a bite of my Greek salad at Panera. I stupidly thought she wouldn't like the feta because I was a latecomer to feta. I didn't like the stuff until I was 25 or so but I have made up for that lately. Anyway, she loves it. She loves all the toddler stuff you'd expect, too, but those are the two that just are crazy to me. Neither child likes mushrooms, which makes me happy. :)

The other update I wanted to mention is that Audrey is in her big girl bed. Which belonged to Uncle Kevin first then Patrick. (Let's not think about that too much.) I know of people whose children (at least they claim) remained happily in the crib until age 3 or later. My kids, not so much. Audrey started climbing out regularly just before her second birthday. So I took off the front rails and converted it to the toddler bed. She refused to sleep in it. We already had the twin bed in her room for the future so I just put her in it. The future is now. Every night, she says, "Mommy sleep in my room" (which amusingly sounds like "Mommy pee in my room") or "Mommy lay down with me" which is still really sweet.

Just recently she has started coming up to me, hugging me, and saying "I love you too, Mommy" and then giving me kisses.

I love you too, Audrey. :) 

Posted by Molly at 11:06 PM EDT
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